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Child to Champion

Sanjay karate school is the first organization in India which is providing KIDS WORKOUT along with the parents.

Women Safe nation Safe

Why aren't India's Women and girls safe? Who is responsible for their safety? How should that safety be assured?

Karate Master Class

This is the very first step in martial arts education and therefore it is considered as an introductory program.

Awards & Accolades

The first Indian ever to be inducted twice in the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame in the year 2000.

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Sanjay Karate School Sanjay Karate School Sanjay Karate School Sanjay Karate School
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Sanjay Karate School

A pioneer in Martial Arts since 1989, our school introduces a new generation of bold students to the Indian community which have unique character of extensive confidence. Thus turning all age groups of people into a responsible citizens of tomorrow. Martial Arts is taken as a disciplinary system linked with beliefs, code of honour, art and science together modified into training and traditional practices.

Shihan Sanjay started Sanjay School of Self-defence with the motive of teacher – disciple apprenticeship with added unmatched expertise and entire perfection. His restless effort has made this institution one of the best martial arts institute in the country. Sanjay Karate School is the only school in India which is affiliated to Northern Karate Schools, Toronto, CANADA.

Sanjay School of Self-defence is located in the heart of the city with an open and healthy environment of Martial Art education training for a lifetime. Our main aim is to provide the highest quality of physical fitness, confidence agility, better poise, more recreation time and Martial Arts available in the world.


  • MORE HISTORY: Serving the country since 1989 making it a pioneer institute.
  • MORE AWARDS: Accolades for excellence in service.
  • MORE CONVENIENCE: Multiple full-time locations, seasonal camps, and school programs.
  • SMORE CARE: Certified black belt teachers with an emphasis on safety, and high instructor student ratio.
  • MORE OPTIONS: Wide-range of morning, evening and weekend classes year-round.
  • MORE VARIETY: Classic/cutting-edge curriculum, featuring traditional and state-of-the-art training.
  • MORE SERVICE: Designated enrolment and administrative specialists, owner-operated schools.
  • MORE VALUE: All-inclusive tuition (training, uniforms, equipment, events, transfers + exams/belts).
  • MORE RECOGNITION:Worldwide recognition from US Open Championship 2000, Cactus Classic Championship 2001, International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame 2000.
  • And above all our prodigy of making Child to Champion.

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BODY -SKS training helps students develop strength, focus, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Pre Schoolers and children earn gross motor skills, balance making them physically active. In addition to martial arts classes conducted mornings, evenings and weekends, our unique fitness program gives an exciting alternative to boring fitness routines.

MIND -SKS training challenges your mind. In every class, and at every belt level, you’ll discover new skills as you explore the history, culture and philosophy of martial arts.

SPIRIT -SKS training is moving meditation. Each session represents a stress-free sanctuary from the pressures of modern life, and self-reflection, goal setting and visualization practice lead to personal growth. To change the world, first change yourself.

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Career with Sanjay Karate
With the right attitude and great instruction, any challenge can be met and any obstacle can be overcome. This program is designed to empower instructors with the power of Positive teaching techniques, High Tech communication skills, Effective skills and drills to keep class exciting, tools to improve attendance and enhance retention and most importantly a winning attitude. This program helps in developing large staff of qualified instructors.

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