Quick Start

This is the very first step in martial arts education and therefore it is considered as an introductory program. This program includes 3 private classes, White Belt Evaluation, complete Karate uniform with bag, certificate, syllabus booklet and a record book. All the karate programs helps in increasing confidence and self-esteem, self-defence, self-awareness, fitness, self-control, concentration, respect, discipline and most importantly positive mental outlook.

Green Belt Membership

After the first step of quick start and achieving WHITE BELT, beginners begin their journey of karate while learning important self-defence skills. This program includes 5 days classes in a week year around, special activities, advance syllabus and budopass and belt grading exam. This membership have 4 belts in total i.e. White Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt and Green Belt. Thus making students eligible for intermediate program. These membership benefits the student both physically and mentally.

Black Belt Membership

This is the second step of Karate learning thus making it an intermediate program. This program also includes 4 belts i.e. Blue Belt, Advance Blue Belt, Purple Belt, Advance Purple Belt. Students get official heavyweight uniform with complete safety equipment package and fighting equipment. Weapon training like Bo (Stick) is also provided to the student. Students get eligible for tournament participation and advance course. In this membership student need to acquire in depth expertise of practiced karate move.

Pre Masters

At this stage of karate the student is expected to acquire adequate level of karate expertise to depict skilful performance of moves along with body balance and strong mental control. This step of karate includes Brown Belt and Advance Brown Belt. Advanced weapon training like Sai, Tonfa etc. is provided to students in this stage. Students get official heavyweight uniforms and thus making them eligible for more advance courses and participation in national and international tournaments.


This is the highest challenging program which provides one with official heavyweight uniform with complete training package. This also make students participate in national and international tournaments. This program includes Black Belt.