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What People Says About Sanjay Karate School

  • I feel very happy by seeing so many changes in my son. He has become very obedient and disciplined and all this credit goes to Sanjay Karate . He just loves and enjoys karate as well as very passionate about the same. I am very grateful to Sanjay Karate for making many positive changes in my son.
    - Kajal Bedi  (Mother of Saaket Bedi)
    I am very happy to join Sanjay Karate. I enjoy my class very much and goal of my life is to achieve Balck Belt. My coaches are very good and cooperative too. I am very thankful to my parents also for encouraging me to join Karate.

    - Saaket Bedi   (Advance Blue Belt)
  • I love coming to Sanjay Karate School and I am learning karate from past 5 years. My parents also feel positive about the School. I love to come here as I feel I am in a temple and also I enhance my skills.

    - Eshan Verma  (Brown Belt)
    When I was 4 years old my father wanted me to join a hobby and then someone suggested us to join Karate at Sanjay Karate School. Then slowly I started learning karate and gymnastics. My favourite coach is Pawandeep Randhawa, he has trained me in fighting and demonstration. Today I am Black Belt and have bagged 16 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze Medal. My journey of karate is memorable and special.
    - Rohan Bharadwaj  (Black Belt)
  • Coming across Sanjay Karate School was a blissful co incidence in my son Hasan’s life. He joined them at a tender age of 5. It has been two years now and he has Advance Blue Belt. Thanks to the able and responsible staff of the school who has always put in all the efforts to take care of my child. Since I commute from Kapurthala so leaving behind my child for long practice hours has never been a tension to me.

    Even in the batches, kids are taught to behave mature. With time, every karateka in the schoolgets groomed into personalities class apart. The best thing my son has learnt from this school is Discipline in life and Dedication for any job assigned. Shihan Sanjay has always done his best to provide his students with all sorts of opportunities in the forms of tournaments. All Karateka’s are given equal attention in the class.

    Whenever the parents send their children to any learning school or Hobby school, the most difficult job is to inculcate their interest in the activity so that they carry it on till the end. Hats off to Sanjay Karate School for doing this job perfectly well. They keep organizing one or the other activity and keep baiting them into the sport.

    Lastly I am grateful to this school for elevating the level of confidence in my child since the day he joined. They are taken to perform on stages in public which certainly is encouraging for the kids. Performance by Karatekas in front of the celebrities, associated with karate in one or the other way makes them feel important and talented.

    In short, being in small city if my child gets to learn the most important soft skills without spending an extra cost, I feel blessed, they do build disciplined, dedicated, confident and self-dependent personalities with strong bodies and sound minds.
    - Harpreet Sharma  (Father of Hasan- Adv Blue Belt)
    It’s almost over three years now that Yug is a student of Karate at the SKS. He has had a great personality change since. He displays multi personality traits. Sanjay Karate already has a record of his academic achievements, which you gracefully acknowledge and appreciate by rewarding him with a golden star year after year. He has inculcated self-discipline and is self-confident. He is able to demonstrate his talents to the public at large in all that he has learnt at the SKS and elsewhere. As parents we are happy that our child has a place to go every evening to improve upon his martial art skills, where he can channelize his energies positively.

    We are ever grateful to the SKS Management and staff who is always cooperative and at hand to help on every aspect. Our heartfelt thanks to SKS.
    - Mr. Rajan Angrish and Mrs Panna Angrish  (Parents of Yug – Brown Belt).