Instructor Training

This course will quality you to teach in the Martial Arts industry

  • Positive teaching techniques
  • High- tech communication skills
  • Effective skills and drills or keep classes exciting
  • Tools to improve attendance and enhance retention- and most importantly
  • The winning attitude necessary to be a successful and effective martial arts instructor

On this course you will study and be assessed in:

  • Exercise, Fitness & Martial Arts knowledge
  • Planning and teaching safe and effective techniques sessions
  • The principles of training
  • Using a range of teaching skills

Questions & Answers

A quality staff one of the key ingredients of any successful business. This is specially true in the martial arts industry because our product is our ability to teach quality martial arts.
Who is it aimed at?
Individuals who wants to enter into the Martial Arts industry and teach as an Instructor or wants to run Dojo.
A qualification which recognises the skills, knowledge and comperence of an individual to plan, deliver and evaluate safe, effective techniques.
Level 1
What is the course about
The first and single most important quality to have in an instructor is attitude. Second is skill not just skill is the proper execution of martial arts techniques but in the ability to teach and motivate students.
Who is the course suitable for
The program should be presented in Nine Week format. It can be adjusted in longer or shorter time slot.
How is Assessed
Anyone wishing to work as Martial Arts or wants to run Dojo.
Any book or equipment that the student needs to purchase
External Theory paper practical assessment lesson planning and worksheets.
When will the course be starting
All course materials will be provided. For assessment day it may be necessary to bring a friend to practice on.

Various dates throughout the year in all Sanjay Karate Schools throughout India.